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Company Description

Canadian International Group is located in the largest city in Ontario, Canada, near Wanjin, north of Toronto. It is known as the "high-tech capital of Canada". It is located in Room 403 on the 4th floor of the Demarco Atrium Building, adjacent to the thriving Warden Datonghua.Canadian International has two well-known brands, Canadian and American Immigrants and Overseas Students.


Canadian-American International Immigration Brand

Mr. Zhou Kechang, the founder of Canadian-American immigration, is an ICCRC-certified licensed immigration consultant with 15 years of experience in Canadian immigration and overseas study.

What is ICCRC?

* In Canada, only consultants qualified by the Canadian Association of Immigration Advisors (ICCRC) or the Bar Association can legally act as immigration and study agents.The President of Canada and the United States holds a certificate of qualification issued by the Canadian Association of Immigration Advisors.

* Immigration study agents with ICCRC licenses not only pass strict English and immigration laws and regulations examinations, but also participate in numerous training programs on new immigration laws every year.Qualified agents will be strongly supervised by ICCRC law enforcement agencies, and mergers and acquisitions of negligence insurance will safeguard the interests of clients with a maximum compensation of $1 million per person.

With more than 15 years of comprehensive experience in immigration, study abroad and visas, the Canadian-American Immigration Consultant Team has focused on Investment Migration and study abroad projects in South America and China and successfully handled over 3000 cases of migration, study abroad and visas.It is also one of the agencies representing the largest number of Canadian schools.

When you walk into the office building for Canadian and American immigrants, you will see the congratulations received by the Canadian and American migrants and the government photos attended by President Zhou Kechang.

The Immigration Consultant Team, led by Zhou Kechang, has decades of industry experience, as well as a wide range of industry contacts and success stories.Therefore, the cases of immigration, study abroad and visa entrusted to Canadian and American immigrants will be strictly reviewed and checked by the team to ensure the success rate of your application.

Canadian-American immigrants cover a wide range of business, including Canadian investment migration, business migration, Canadian study abroad, student transfers, consulting, application and follow-up services for Canadian relatives and travel visas.

Canadian-American Immigration - Central and South American Immigration Expert

Canadian-American immigrants are not only accepting cases of investment migration from mainland China. The Immigration Consultant Team led by Zhou Kechang is familiar with the tax laws and company laws of Central and South American countries and the local business laws of China. It is proficient in Chinese, Spanish and English and has a large number of successful cases of investment migration from Central and South America and China.The company specializes in the Chinese and Central and South American markets, serving clients from Central and South America (Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Senta, Panama, etc.), China and Canada.

Fund Agent

Canadian-American immigrants work with a number of Canadian fund companies. Here are some proxy certificates: